Cobus van Bosch

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From the series Die Probleem van Geheue, 2015
Paintings focusing on aspects of the Anglo-Boer War (1899-1902)

A series of Cityscapes, 2015


From the series The Trouble with Memory, 2014
A painting project investigating aspects of the human condition in South Africa over the past 120 years.

From the series Vergete Verledes, 2013
Paintings focusing on lost histories of southern Africa. This exhibition was awarded the Kanna Prize for best visual arts exhibition at the Klein Karoo National Arts Festival of 2013.  



From the series Route, 2010/2011
A painting survey of personal landmarks along main routes to and from Cape Town.


Portraits 2011
Portraits of South African artists (from the group exhibition Persona, Johans Borman Gallery, Cape Town, 2011).


From the series Forgotten Freedom Fighters, 2010
Portraits of forgotten early leaders (18th and 19th century) of mixed race communities
in South Africa and Namibia.


From the series Oil, 2009/2010
Oil paintings of oil drippings in parking lots and other city surfaces. A study of fractals and random design.


From the series City, 2008
Oil paintings of Paris, Cape Town and Johannesburg as part of a study of fractal geometry in the design of cities and buildings.


From the series March, 2007
A series of oil paintings investigating the visual and psychological phenomenon of mass action.


Heritage Cache, 2007
A geocaching project involving 21 South African visual artists interpreting the concept of southern African heritage.


From the series Memorial, 2004
Conceptual pieces (topographical maps) focusing on memory, history and war in a South African context. Constructed from cattle bone fragments.


From the series Monument, 2002
Objects (low relief sculpture) in cast iron, using manhole cover patterns and design to reflect on the iconography of everyday life.


From the series Slag, 2000
A series of mixed media works focusing on aspects of the South African involvement in the guerilla war in Angola/Namibia (1970's and 1980's).


From the series Cover, 1998
Mixed media objects focusing on the myth of the "urban savage" and street covers as doorways to a city's "underbelly".